$Lobi... it's what we all do
Lobis is an Approved Olympus fork (oh yes) specialized to ensure that OlympusDAO can participate in DeFi governance. The OHMies heard our voice and joined our cause.
We are two sides of the same coin; OHM as the currency, Lobis as the governor.
Together, by uniting OHM to the dollar and to the ecosystem, we set the platform for a new, decentralized world.
Our Purpose
Our Values
Our Community
Envoy's of Lobis on their pilgrimage to Mount Olympus

Our purpose is a representation of our shared values.

We believe that by strengthening the pillars of DeFi such as Curve we strengthen the whole ecosystem. Our long-term view on the pillars of DeFi such as Curve is focused on the increased adoption of decentralized finance. We want to normalize the idea of alliances that work in tandem to promote and grow protocols.
For example: allocating bonded CRV to tighten the peg of whitelisted lockers such as Convex, Yearn, and StakeDAO. Or directing liquidity towards partners in the ecosystem that act (3,3) towards Curve.
Our community determines a basket of governance tokens to back $LOBI. These reserves give anyone the ability to $LOBI, creating more voting groups through a meta governance token, a gateway to DeFi.
By enabling more voices to be heard each user in the ecosystem can find a policy based on their values and goals. A multitude of different like-minded groups increases the utility received by the users, resulting in the growth and betterment of the ecosystem as a whole, and to the benefit of all groups involved.
By disrupting the current monopolistic environment, we are giving other protocols the opportunity to create additional utility in DeFi and organize voting cohorts to all be active members of the ecosystem.
Want to learn more about our purpose? Explore our First Envelope - The Soul of Lobis.
Our values define what we believe and how we act, our purpose is a representation of our shared values. Together they define our actions.

When the richest users hold all the power, these protocols do not belong to the people.

Today the leading DeFi protocols are seeing bribes, gauge voting, and flywheel locking mechanisms. Currently, these protocols are controlled by a select few, which limits representation, negatively affects the growth of the protocol, and enables this select few to consolidate control. Centralization.
Lobis is here to change that.
To serve our purpose we had to ensure that no one was pulling the strings behind us. Therefore, despite their attempts, we chose to have no VCs or seek out influencers and whales; we do not need them. We did not raise any funds and there is no team allocation.
Our community is instead united by our shared purpose and driven by bounties and grants.
Are we bold? Yes. Are we crazy? Perhaps, but who else was DeFi built for?
The founding team is building composable systems that anyone can build on top of. Following the launch phase, anyone can apply for a grant and fulfill bounties set out by the community and get rewarded.
We put the ecosystem first
Lobis is an open-source Protocol. Anyone can contribute. Our aim is to be decentralized and transparent, continually taking steps towards open-source development and community-led contributions.
To reach this vision we are implementing open-source frameworks to allow everyone, regardless of their wealth, to actively shape the future of Lobis.
A system of points, bounties, and rewards will incentivize contributions in every area of the DAO.
We are built to (3,3), anyone can buidl with us, anyone can shape the future of Lobis.
Have an idea? Execute it. Submit a grant proposal to the DAO and get rewarded. That’s it.
If how we think and act reconciles with you, you can contribute today.
The protocol is maintained by various independent developers or "Envoy’s" of Lobis and is governed by $LOBI holders. In the short time since our genesis, we have already onboarded Engineers, Creatives, Economists and started communities for Chinese, French and Russian communities.
Lobis is constantly evolving. What Lobis is today, may not be what it is tomorrow—what you do after reading this may change Lobis forever. It’s up to you.
This is the power of Open Source.
Come with your ideas, come with your passion, come with your creativity. Actions speak louder than words.
Join our Discord, join the DAO.
if there's something you are looking for but can't find here drop by our discord and let us know :)
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