How do Olympus and Lobis work together?
Together with the OHMies, we aim to bring decentralization back to DeFi by backing the vision of OHM as a decentralized reserve currency and providing a solution to the issue of whales gaining control over other protocols due to imbalances in financial wealth.
By supporting our proposal, you will help to:
  • Position OHM to become the most widely used currency in DeFi by becoming the base pair for governance tokens such as CRV, FXS, oSushi, and more.
  • Generate fees for Olympus DAO through liquidity pairs.
  • Generate income for the Olympus Treasury in the form of governance tokens with every bond.
  • Increase Olympus Treasury directly by way of interest-free lending to Olympus of our governance token - LOBI.
  • Trigger an Airdrop to the Olympus community in the form of LOBI.
  • Leverage locks and boosts to generate the best yield on Olympus’ treasury assets.
  • Achieve significant exposure and governance over the entire DeFi ecosystem.
  • Enable projects that implement a Curve style locking mechanism to become more decentralized, reducing the existential risk of decision-making bottlenecks.
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