What’s in it for the OHMies?
Lobis focuses on governance and propagating OHM as a currency, while OlympusDAO will accumulate $LOBI tokens without further emission of OHM, increasing its backing.
Lobis will also enable Olympus to get access to the best yields in DeFi for its treasury assets and potentially gain the ability to participate in the governance of the ecosystem.
The Olympus team has guided Lobis with their experience and expertise in design to support the project’s launch. The project team will build and maintain Lobis under the stewardship of the OHM team and plans to integrate the OHMies as well.
Thus, Lobis is inexorably linked to Olympus by code, ethos, and long-term vision. This is not possible without the support of the OHMies, and to that end, we present the critical benefits to (3,3):
  • Facilitating the use of OHM as the sole global reserve currency of DeFi by pairing governance tokens with OHM for its liquidity. Lobis will acquire a considerable amount of OHM through liquidity bonds with a positive impact on sOHM APY.
  • The OHM community and treasury will get access to governance in the DeFi ecosystem through the governance rights on Lobis (on Curve, Frax, and in the future Sushi and others). If required, we can bootstrap the acquisition of governance tokens like CVX for Olympus per the most recent governance proposal so that Olympus can get governance power without harming its backing per token/RFV.
  • We will directly contribute income for OHM via Lobis bonds, with the Olympus’ treasury set to receive 1.1% (1,1) fee for every reserve or liquidity bond sold by the DAO.
  • We will become active participants in the governance of Curve, Frax, SushiSwap, and other relevant protocols.
  • The Olympus community will receive an airdrop at Lobis’ launch to bind together the communities.
  • Lobis will lend LOBI tokens with a 0% interest rate to Olympus, and Olympus will pair them with treasury OHM to provide liquidity on Sushi and Ohmieswap.
This collaboration will be mutually beneficial for Lobis and Olympus. The two protocols are complementary, with Olympus focused on building the sole decentralized reserve currency and Lobis, focused on decentralized governance. Together, our two DAOs will provide the infrastructure of a fair decentralized financial system.
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